Monday, April 16, 2007

Flamingoes in Tokyo

Flamingoes in Tokyo's Ueno Zoo.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Balkan National Park

Sunset at the memorial at the top of the Balkan National Park.

Car park attendant

Crazy car park attendant in Bulgaria, armed to the teeth with fake guns.

A serious drink

Now that's what I call a serious shot of rakia in a Bulgarian restaurant!

Like Father Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Our House

Despite the date on this photo it was actually taken yesterday (3-6-07). My sister had asked me to take pictures of our new house (also our first house) so she could see what it looks like. Her husband is in the Army and they live in Arizona. We've lived here almost 2 months.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dinner at Vox

Vox. Good (but not brilliant) restaurant.

Billy Wilder's

Billy Wilder's in Berlin. A great watering hole.


A spectator at the Berlin Carnival.

Berlin Carnival

Dancers at the Berlin carnical.


Catwoman at a Berlin carnival

Thai Restaurant, Berlin

Post outside a Thai restaurant. Food there is pretty over-rated so I won't say more.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Party girl

Party girl.

Friends at a dinner party

A couple of friends caught in a video display.

Rock Ice

We went into Nashville today and on the way in there are these amazing rocks along the side of the road, and when it is wet and cold we get these beautiful icicles coming out of the rocks. I snapped this as we drove by I cant believe it turned out so clear!

New shades

Friend trying her new shades.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Chinatown, with lanterns up


Gordon Ramsay's Maze.




My fingers in the sun

Kitchen stuff (part 2)

With knife this time.

Kitchen stuff

Some herbs in my kitchen


Plastic lights, Berlin

Feb 17

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

22nd January

012207, originally uploaded by

No, there isn't an ATM in the stop sign ;)

It's advertising the fact that the restaurant in the strip mall has one available. As does the grocery store next door, the gas station down the street, the bank, etc....

21st January

012107, originally uploaded by

This is the same tree that was covered in Christmas lights and snow on the 1st of December. Now, no lights, but it's covered in snow once again. The flash picked up some more snow that was still falling at the time.

20th January

012007, originally uploaded by

Here's a quick way to melt the snow - just leave a washing machine discharge pipe on top of it. You'll have no problems clearing your path. Just make sure you have somewhere to drain the water, otherwise you'll have a bigger problem. ;)

19th January

011907, originally uploaded by

I picked up this travel literature way back in 2001. I still have it, despite throwing out a lot of other stuff this day. Interestingly (and quite logically I'll add) the "Getting About Britain" guide is in proper A4 size.

18th January

011807, originally uploaded by

This is what happens when you pick up the paper until the next day - it gets covered in snow. It used to be that the paper was reliably here around the same time the mail came. Now, if it comes before 5pm it's a good day.

17th January

011707, originally uploaded by

No, it's not a treasure map, it's just the tracks in the snow from my dog. However, if you were looking for, well, you know, I'm sure that those tracks would lead you there.

16th January

011607, originally uploaded by

Having no leaves means the sun gets through quite easily, and it also makes an interesting photo due to the shadows off the branches.

15th January

011507, originally uploaded by

Kind of a "Stuck in the middle with you" scenario here for the Cigar store. Then again, they don't need too much space for their wares, and since they don't have such a large roofline, the rent's probably cheaper.

14th January

011407, originally uploaded by

Ahh, fresh strawberries. Well, not exactly; they're frozen ones from the store. Pretty good tasting, but a little soggy in eating.

13th January

011307, originally uploaded by

Yay! Here's the box to my new flat panel monitor. Definitely the last time you'll see this box all together. ;)

12th January

011207, originally uploaded by

Traffic flows on the main road while we wait for our light at the side road.

11th January

011107, originally uploaded by

Being unusually warm for January, these folks decided to let their pup pop his nose out the window for a sniff of the outside, at 50 mph

Feb 10

Night shopping, 9 Feb 2007

Shopping centre at night.

Winter Leaves, 8 Feb 2007

Winter frost on ivy near my house.

Cat, 7 Feb 2007

Cat trying to look sinister...

Frost patterns, 6 Feb 2007

Intricate patterns of frost on leaves in the woods where I live.

Chinese lanterns, 5 Feb 2007

Chinese lanterns going up for Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig).

Carluccio's, 4 Feb 2007

Trendy Italian bistro.